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Our Services

  • Debt management, insurance, retirement planning, and risk assessment.

  • Group health & savings plans, business investments and tax strategies.

Tell me more about this meeting.

At Preuss Kraushar Financial, we understand every situation is as unique as the individual.  With this in mind, we take the caring and unbiased approach in creating a personalized plan for you.  

What should I expect?

Prepare to be asked questions no one has asked you before. In order to do our jobs, we need to know what money means to you so prepare to get personal! Our work is full of DNA – It’s different, it’s new, and it’s attractive. We build lifelong relationships and we want you to feel excited and confident with your financial situation.

So what do we cover?

The goal with all of my clients is to deliver long term financial security and in order to do that, I’ve developed a three-step process. The first step that I’ll go through on our initial meeting is what I like to call a fact-finding meeting, gathering data. But one of the things that I’ve learned is that this is not a logical business, this is an emotional business. This is where understanding your relationship with money comes into play.


At the second meeting, we’ll come back and I’ll take you to 30,000 feet. And what I find all of my clients love about that meeting is for the first time they get the answer to question “are we going to be ok?”. We’re going to take a detailed look at your business opportunities, at your retirement, at your kids education, at your life insurance needs and at your disability needs – and everything that you share with me in the first meeting that’s important to you. I’m not only going to show you where you are, but I’m going to show you where you’re going and where the potential downfalls are. Then, we’re going to talk about a game plan where we can start making progress to your financial security.

And then, the third step. This is my favorite step because it helps me build a personal relationship with all of my clients. What my clients love about that meeting is that we do an annual review. And what makes me unique in that aspect is that it helps to keep them on track. It helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel burning brighter and brighter and it gives them hope. Hope that if we keep doing whatever it is we’re talking about that they are going to get to that place of financial security and the likelihood of success is so much better.

What does this cost me?

We believe that financial education should be readily available to everyone. This is a free service that we offer and believe that by implementing the proper solutions that you will be happy both today, and 30 years down the road. At this point a lot of our clients ask “well, how do you get paid then?” It’s simple – we build a comprehensive package that is unique to your situation and the companies that you choose to work with will pay us for your business.

There are no monthly bills, just contributions to your own plan that you would make with or without an advisor by your side.